Specific road projects in and around Kent County.

Route 13 -- EST. COST: $4.5 million for design

This newly design-funded project involves widening U.S. 13, where the Puncheon Run Connector ties in just south of Dover, and would run past Camden, towards Lockmeath Way. It was identified as a safety and congestion problem, with a high volume of accidents in the section between Dover and Camden.

West Dover Connector -- TOTAL COST: $61 million

Perhaps the highest profile project on the TIP, the West Dover Connector has been in the works for years, passing through committee, design, and currently under construction, with a groundbreaking ceremony in February.

Grade separated intersections -- $135 million

Route 1 and Thompsonville Road: Work here came in response to a high number of accidents, which DelDOT attributed to the intersection’s traffic signal. The signal is to be removed and replaced by a grade-separated intersection – an overpass.

Route 1 South Frederica: As at Thompsonville, a troublesome signal is to be replaced with a grade-separated intersection, and access roads provided to a proposed Regional Sports Complex.

Route 1 and Little Heaven: Efforts to improve safety on this section of Route 1 will involve Vetter called “a massive project that’s going to completely reconfigure that whole area,” including new lanes and a grade-separated intersection.

Roundabouts, bike lanes, and buses

Kenton Road:

EST. COST: $700,000 (design)

Bikers and walkers, rejoice. Proposed here: pedestrian and bike paths on both sides of road, with potential for widening; intersection improvements. Full scope TBD.

Roundabout at Routes 10 and 15:

EST. COST: $1.2 million

The intersection of state routes 10 and 15 south of Camden saw 46 accidents between 2007 and 2011, so a roundabout has been proposed in its place. This would involve roadway widening, drainage upgrades, roadway lighting and signing and more.

Bridge rehab:

EST. COST: $4.5 million

With its many estuaries and rivers, Kent County wouldn’t have a road network without solid bridges. Of these, 10 deficient ones will be repaired, mostly for their corroded supporting pipes – a leading threat to bridges in the U.S.

New buses, bus stops:

EST. COST: $3.5 million

To expand Kent County bus routes, six new low-floor buses will be bought, and undersized facilities will be upgraded to accommodate them. Two buses will arrive in FY18; four are planned for FY19.