When you're staying in the same fancy hotel as some of the best offensive hackers in the world, watch the desktop computer before it watches you.

The Fountainebleau hotel in Miami Beach hosted the deeply technical and offensive-minded Infiltrate conference April 15-17, and each room offered an iMac.

The 280 attendees including cybercontractors working for governments and penetration testers in private industry were wary of using the hotel's Wi-Fi so as to not be hacked by other attendees, and the iMac presented an almost comical risk.

No one Business Insider spoke with at Infiltrate said they were willing to use the computer for anything remotely important, such as email, and a few made sure that the unused iMac couldn't be commandeered.

Here's what at least one attendee, an ethical hacker and security researcher, did as soon as he saw the iMac in his room:

Notice the webcam Turn the computer around Unplug the computer Throw a towel over the monitor, for good measure

When asked about this preemptive move, other attendees either said that it was a good idea, if a little paranoid, or said they had done it themselves.

"Oh yeah," one attendee said when asked if the iMac's systems including its webcam was vulnerable.

Others concurred even if they hadn't done the same. One scoffed at the fact that the computer ran an outdated operating system (which makes it more vulnerable to infiltration).

"I'm glad I'm not the only one," another attendee said when told about the process.

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