Nicholas Post has been a licensed electrician for the past 10 years. He’s worked at Polytech High School for two years as an electrical construction instructor.  Becoming an educator was never his part of his original career plan.

“It kind of fell in my lap,” he said. “It’s turned out to be the single best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Post is doing his best to guide his students and help them jumpstart their careers with internships or first jobs through partnership with companies like Shurline Electric.

“I know of people in the area who are electricians and I’ll call a few people and ask them if they need help. We try and foster those relationships to make sure they are getting what they need because that’s what it’s all about,” Post said.

How does having an internship make a difference to students when they graduate?

There is no better training in my opinion than hands-on training. What better laboratory is there than working in your intended field? In terms of bettering themselves as a student, it is the best way to learn. You can only learn so much from being in a classroom and in a laboratory.

How many students have you helped connect with employers?

More than half of my class is working right now. Class size average is about 15 kids and other half are college-bound.

How does it feel when you’re able to help a student find a job?

Honestly, there is no better feeling in the world to know that you have fostered and help grow a quality tradesman.

Tell me about your business relationship with ShurLine? How does it benefit Polytech High School and its students?

One of the things that is important to me when I send a student out is that I’m sending him out to a good company that has a good relationship with the community and knows how to treat their employees. Friends of mine in the trade have told me for years what a great company Shurline Electric is to work for and that’s why when they approached us [about having some of our guys work with them,] I jumped all over it. I knew that my kids would be in a situation where they would be learning what they’re supposed to be learning.