Who said Smyrna doesn’t have a night life? Well, actually, I haven’t heard anyone say that, but if they did, I would have this retort: Lovebettie.

And then I would add: goodbyemotel.

Those are the names of the out-of-town bands that will jumpstart the “Smyrna at Night” 2015 season at 8 p.m. on Friday, March 27 at the Smyrna Opera House.

Smyrna at Night is a great idea, one the town came up with last year to get more people to come downtown.

Lovebettie played at last year’s concert, and public relations folks for the town called the performance “well-received.”

I doubt that the band was selected based on just its name; after all, they are reputed to be the “pioneers of Swagger Rock.”

But you can almost imagine town officials going down a menu of band names and thinking, “If we pick a band with a cool name, more people might come out to hear them.”

We may never know whether that really happened, but it looks like Smyrna officials picked a hot band that’s worth venturing out on Friday night to see.

Lovebettie is touring all over the U.S and the Virgin Islands and was named a “band to watch” by Rolling Stone, according to the band’s website.

So catch them before they get too famous to play at the local Opera House - and show the town leaders that you appreciate the effort they’re making to bring bands with fun names to town.