Corning  the company that makes screens for the iPhone  told analysts this week that it is working on "the next big thing." 

The glass maker wants to put Gorilla glass into automobiles, and has been working with BMW for a while, according to a note from investment firm Cantor Fitzgerald. Corning met with Cantor analysts and investors at a dinner before the firm's Internet and Tech conference this week.

Corning's Gorilla Glass could find its way into windshields and sunroofs over the next two years. This could be a huge boon to Corning, since there is more glass-space with cars than there is with phones. With a "total glass opportunity of 5.5 billion square feet," versus about 4 billion for LCD screens in consumer electronics devices. Corning has a chance to corner a big share of the market with their damage resistant and lighter weight glass, though they expect this to take another three to four years.

Corning has also developed a stronger alternative to Gorilla Glass with increased scratch resistance titled Project Phire. They expect it to launch later this year, costing more than Gorilla Glass but less than sapphire. 

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