Counties expecting heavy snow storm, take precautions

Crews and officials from the Delaware Department of Transportation are preparing for a winter snow storm, forecast to reach Delaware later tonight and continue tomorrow.

Crews spent the day today making repairs of equipment, which had seen use this past weekend, DelDOT Public Relations Officer Jim Westhoff said in a statement Monday afternoon.

In Kent and Sussex counties, approximately a one-quarter of the staff remains in place this afternoon. In Kent County, full crews will be in place by 9 p.m. In Sussex County, much of the staff was asked to get some rest while supervisors monitored conditions. They will be called back in as needed for what is expected to be a long event, Westhoff said.

There was no need to pretreat the roads in advance of this storm, because the roads have salt on them from last weekend's snow event, he added.

Drivers should be aware that due to the very low temperatures accompanying this storm, there could be a lot of blowing and drifting snow. When this happens, visibility is reduced and driving can become more challenging. Blowing and drifting snow also make it more difficult to keep roads clear as they may need to be plowed repeatedly, Westhoff said.