The job market is more competitive than ever, but "many of the key issues facing people looking to change employment or to land that dream job remain the same," says entrepreneur James Caan in a recent LinkedIn post.

One of the biggest challenges almost all job seekers face is getting themselves noticed.

Caan says the first step of overcoming this problem is to become renowned in your chosen line of work. "Make sure you are the best at what you do and show your dedication," he says. "Word of mouth is a powerful tool in any industry, and you want to be known as someone who is talented and hard working."

However, once you have established yourself, your work isn't done.

"Don't just sit there and wait for people to come knocking on your door," Caan says. You have to make an effort to let it be known that you are in the market and available for the right opening or opportunity. "No matter what level you are at, networking is one of the best ways to enhance your career prospects."

Another key to getting yourself noticed: Being confident, but not too pushy. "If you are good at what you do, have the right profile, and are not afraid to get your name out into the marketplace, then you will stand a better chance of landing that all-important job when it does come along," he concludes.

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