Just like grandchildren, there will be an end to our moments. Be still. Breathe deep and look around you. Spring is the very best time to practice.

Our next-door neighbors, the Grennys, came over for dinner recently. We were eating out on the patio on one of those lovely warmer days enjoying the sunshine and the promise of spring. There were bees buzzing and birds chirping - all the little parts of spring that we usually hustle by and never notice. Grit was showing Joseph his new smoker grill so Celia and I were chatting. She looked around, turned back to me and said, "Joseph and I are trying the idea of living in the moment." Then smiling she finished with, "This is one of those moments," and indeed it was. Since more of life's moments have expired for me than there will be moments coming, I've decided it seems a good idea, this being aware of a lovely moment and pausing to enjoy it. Considering how memories fade and change, writing about the moment later could be wise, but the important part would be to recognize the moment and savor it. This kind of thinking led me to another April moment of my life. Our only daughter Melissa was born on April 2, 1966. In those years the stork brought a surprise because there was no ultrasound to test for gender. Having a baby girl after two boys was a delight in itself. What I didn't know and wouldn't have the privilege of experiencing again because all four of our boys were born in cold months, was that April is a lovely time to have a baby. April brings sunny days that beg you to get out of the house, put the baby in a stroller and walk along with the other kids for some fresh air and exercise. Breathing fresh air and walking really does make a difference to a mom in recovery mode. On 4-4-14, our son Jim's wife Shamberlin gave birth to a baby girl. Five months before when the ultrasound technician announced the gender as a girl baby, she broke into tears. Thanks to new technology, Jim videoed the ultrasound experience so we were able to share that moment with them. Just having a healthy baby is a gigantic blessing in itself, but after having three wonderful, but typical, boys, her reaction was understandable and normal. An added reason for her joy, her babies are delivered by cesarean section with the possibility of four deliveries being a safe number and the fifth iffy. Now she has her girl. She will be our 26th grandchild and possibly the last. Time will tell. We're looking forward to some good moments with this last or next to the last grandchild. Is being in the moment what draws so many of us to Facebook and Instagram? It's not so much that we are being in our own moment as that we are sharing in someone else's moment. Those Internet sites are the smorgasbord of moments and almost gluttony. Grit claims they are vain, "Look at me, look at me," moments, which is somewhat true. For me, a quick once a day does it. I really enjoy seeing what my family and friends are up to but am aware it can be addicting. Jim sent a text a few days before their daughter's birth saying, "Circle of life here at the Young's this week. Had to put down our black cat Onyx this afternoon and I buried her in the yard. Stirring day emotionally and spiritually, mostly because watching an animal take its last breaths put my own mortality front and center and reminded me that every breath is numbered." Just like grandchildren, there will be an end to our moments. Be still. Breathe deep and look around. Spring is the very best time to practice.%3Cimg%20src%3D%22http%3A//beacon.deseretconnect.com/beacon.gif%3Fcid%3D158568%26pid%3D46%22%20/%3E