The Camden-Wyoming Rotary Club is hoping to be able to raise 200 flags and funds for charity through its flag subscription program.

 The Camden-Wyoming Rotary Club is hoping to be able to raise 200 flags and funds for charity through its flag subscription program.
Through the program, Rotarians will visit homes early in the morning to erect a flag in the homeowner’s front yard during four key holidays: Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day and Veterans Day. The cost is $30. The flags will then be picked up later that evening, said Dave Walczak, treasurer for the Camden-Wyoming Rotary Club.

“There are a few areas we are focusing on with this fundraiser,” Walczak said. “We were looking for something to get community the involved and felt that this was a great way of showing patriotism and helping out the club so we can help others in our area.”

All proceeds from the flag subscriptions will go to benefit Polio Plus Foundation, an international organization working to eradicate polio; and the Hope Clinic in Dover, which offers medical care for the uninsured.

“The Hope Clinic does a fabulous job for those who have nowhere else to go,” Walczak said. “We try to support them as we can and dollars really help them to get vaccines, buy equipment and supplies they need to take care of the folks who show up there. We just think they are a very worthwhile service to support in the community.”

The Hope Clinic is very excited about the Rotary Club’s donation, said Vicenta Marquez, medical director of Hope Clinic.

“We look forward to their help all the time because the only government money we get is grants and aid once a year,” Marquez said. “They have been very supportive of us with our mission.”

The idea for the fundraiser was pitched by Troy Cooper, a member of the Camden-Wyoming Rotary Club who participated in a similar fundraiser organized by a Rotary Club in Texas.

“What I saw down in Texas was that my club was able to do a lot of good by having the project in the community,” Cooper said. “It raised a significant amount of money for their causes.”

The Camden-Wyoming club began to put the new fundraiser into motion in November, but the fundraiser will officially launch on Saturday, when club members will begin canvasing neighborhoods in and around Camden, dropping off flyers and explaining how the program will work. 

In May, Rotarians will go back to the houses that have made flag subscriptions and install a small sleeve in their front yard, then when the four holidays roll around club members will simply slip assembled flag poles into the sleeves. Only 200 flag subscriptions are available, Walczak said.

“Because this is our first year we want to make sure we do it right,” he said. “We don’t want to have an overwhelming response and not be able to deliver.”

Ideally, the Camden-Wyoming Rotary Club hopes to have all 200 subscriptions filled before Memorial Day so that subscribers will have flags for all four designated holidays, but if there are still openings the club will accept subscriptions throughout the year, Walczak said.

“This project gives us the ability to interact with the community in different ways,” Walczak said. “We’re going to be out and about on the street posting flags at folks’ residences. We will deliver flags throughout the year; this is not a onetime, one location event. It will allow Rotarians to be more immersed in the community more often.”