Walgreens and CVS charge roughly 40% more than Wal-Mart for the same basket of goods, according to a new report.

Sterne Agee analysts purchased 33 identical items at five retailers to compare prices for the report. Retailers included Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Family Dollar, CVS and Walgreens.

Given the low-price guarantees of the discount retailers included in the study, the analysts expected to find higher prices at the drug store chains.

But they weren't expecting their mark-ups to be so extreme. 

The baskets cost $95.42 at Wal-Mart. They were $40.96 more expensive at Walgreens and $36.83 more expensive at CVS.

The premium was highest in consumables (i.e. razors and soap), followed by food and beverages and household goods.

Here's the breakdown of basket costs at each retailer: 

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