Since the advent of cellular technology, we've seen some awesome phones.

We've also seen some terrible phones. Remember the Motorola ROKR? How about the Pantech?

We went to CNET and found the rankings of the worst cell phones of all time. And then we took to Amazon to see what the consumers had to say when they bought them.

Here are some quotes we pulled from the "1-star" reviews of each of these cell phone disasters. 


The Motorola Pebl

"The phone came with a battery that was no good and won't hold a charge. The phone also has a sticky coating on it that dirt and lint and everything else sticks to it."

The Pantech C300

"On the second day, I went ahead and returned it and got the Nokia 6030."

The Firefly

"This was simply unbelievable. I could have bought a play phone and been happier."

The LG Migo

"I bought this for my 6-year-old son. The phone arrived and doesn't work at all. Tried a new battery and charger and still the phone powers off every time."

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