Jake Foushee is taking a page from the book of Bieber by showing off his talents and incredibly side-swept hair on YouTube.

The only difference between the two teens?

Bieber, 19, is a musician, while Foushee, 15, is an extremely talented voice over artist who does spot-on impressions of celebrities, cartoons, and TV and movie characters.

Foushee's latest YouTube video was released Nov.1 but already has nearly a million hits.

Watch his incredible impressions, from Morgan Freeman to Peter Griffin, below:

But Foushee is no stranger to Internet fame.

Last year, the then 14-year-old got nearly 2 million hits on YouTube for his perfect impressions of movie trailers. Watch below:

Foushee, who is trying to become a voice actor, has over 32,000 Twitter followers and has even appeared on "Ellen":

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