What’s hot online right now: Boris the Clown Catcher new superhero; It’s #TalkLikeaPirateDay, arrrgg; “My Little Pony” breakup goes viral.

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If you’re scared of clowns, look away. But if not, Boris the Clown Catcher may be your new hero. A man in Northampton, England is doing his part to hunt down a clown that’s terrorizing the town.

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Today is #TalkLikeaPirateDay, and Twitter users are bringing out their best impressions. Here’s some tips from TIME on how to really talk like a pirate.

Hot video: 3-year-old 'breaks up' with dad over My Little Pony

After Adela's dad refuses to buy her a "My Little Pony," Adela did what any strong woman of her stature would do: she broke up with him. Her video has gotten more than a million clicks on YouTube.

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