State Rep. Donald Blakey (R-Camden) captured 56 . 7 percent of the vote to defeat Democrat Ted Yacucci (40.7 percent) and Independent Doug Beatty (2.6 percent) in the 34th District.

State Rep. Donald Blakey (R-Camden) won the Delaware House of Representatives race for the 34th District with 56 . 7 percent of the vote while Democrat Ted Yacucci received 40.7 percent and Independent Doug Beatty managed to net 2.6 percent of the vote.

Blakey garnered 5,265 votes, Yacucci received 3,778 votes and Beatty received 241 votes, according to unofficial results from the Delaware Department of Elections for Kent County.

Blakey thanked his family and his supporters at the Republican Party of Delaware's headquarters at Dover Downs Tuesday night. He particularly singled out his wife, Delores, as his partner for his political campaigns.

Blakey said he did not mind competition as part of the American electoral process.

"We will always have competitors; that's part of the process," he said. "It really doesn't pay to worry about these things. I do not have a problem with that at al. But I can't worry about it. I have to worry about my constituents.

"Anybody running in a campaign has to rely upon other people stepping up to say, 'I support you.'" Blakey added. "My wife and I work as a team, although I am the elected official. We try to totally work in our community from top to bottom – children, the infirm, those don't have anything and those that have something. We try to make sure we answer their calls."