Local politicians will still be pounding the pavement for some old fashioned, shoe leather campaigning or they will hit the telephone hard for calls right up to Election Day, scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Don't be surprised to find local politicians still knocking on doors and making telephone calls in a final push to get out the vote during this last weekend before Election Day scheduled for Tuesday.

That includes Kent County Comptroller Republican candidate Patrick J. Boyle, who said he would focus mostly on knocking on doors this weekend.

Incumbent Comptroller Georgette Williams, meanwhile, said she would be at Kent County Democratic Headquarters over the weekend doing whatever she could to help "get out the vote."

Indeed, the County Democrats Coordinated Campaign is planning a number of phone banks and is taking requests for rides to the polls, said Kent County Levy Court Commissioner George "Jody" Sweeney (District 5), a Democrat who faces Republican Kevin McCarthy and Libertarian Andrew Cronk.


Kent Count Comptroller

Democrat Georgette Williams, Democrat

Republican Patrick J. Boyle

Kent County Levy Court District 3

Democrat Allan Angel, incumbent, unopposed

Kent County Levy Court District 5

Democrat George "Jody" Sweeney, incumbent

Republican Kevin McCarthy

Libertarian Andrew Cronk

House District 29

Republican Lincoln Willis, incumbent

Democrat Charles W. "Trey" Paradee

House District 30

Republican William R. "Bobby" Outten, incumbent

Libertarian Gordon Smith

House District 31

Democrat Darryl Scott, incumbent

Republican Sam Chick

House District 32

Andria Bennett, Democrat

Ellis Parrott, Republican

House District 34

Republican Don Blakey, incumbent

Democrat Ted Yacucci

Libertarian Doug Beatty

Senate District 15

Republican Dave Lawson, incumbent

Democrat Kathleen Cooke

Independent Catherine R. Samardza

Senate District 16

Republican Colin Bonini, incumbent

Independent Michael Tedesco

Senate District 17

Democrat Brian Bushweller, incumbent, unopposed

"Tuesday's weather looks to be like a cool fall day, perfect for voting," Sweeney added.

There will be a variety of get-out-the-vote initiatives in greater Dover, said state Rep. Darryl Scott (D-Dover).

"We're campaigning through the weekend as we do each election ,including door knocking, making phone calls and preparing for Election Day," Scott said.

The Democratic incumbent faces Republican challenger Sam Chick.

Chick, for his part, said he would continue to campaign right up until 8 p.m. on Election Day.

Independent Doug Beatty, running in the House's District 34 race, said he would likely make phone calls using the Delaware Department of Elections for Kent County's voter registration list. He also might stop in at some local businesses during the weekend.

Beatty faces Republican incumbent State Rep. Don Blakey and Democrat Ted Yacucci.

Over in the neighboring District 32, Republican candidate Ellis Parrott was out knocking on doors Thursday, and he planned to knock even more on Friday and Saturday.

"We are considering a get-out-to-vote call and maybe giving rides [to the polls]," said Parrott, who faces Democrat Andria Bennett.