The tragedy of what took place in Aurora, Colorado is being exploited by anti-gun groups.

The Shadow know!

Perhaps the lead in to an old radio program from the 1930's is prophetic when it comes to the chaos and despair visited up the victims of a mad man in Aurora, Colorado last week. Sadly, it was immediately exploited by the like of Michael Blomberg and other anti-gun zealots and suggested that if we banned all guns, such incidents would disappear.

I wonder how they rationalize what went on in Bulgaria a week ago or what goes on daily in the Middle East. I wonder if they have any concept that resident evil is a threat to humanity regardless of what we "ban" or make unlawful. Had this domestic terrorist chosen to use some of the explosive devices he'd rigged his appartment instead of the firearms he used, would there have been a equal demand for abolishing fertilizer, glycerine, diesel fuel, and dozens of other chemicals used to make simple explosives?

In today's politically correct times, gun owners are simply a quick fix to a complex issue that most American's don't want to hear. Sadly, too many of us shy away in times like these rather than trying to add common sense reasoning to the issue. Today's generations have a disproportionate number of people with no concept of a real world. They grow up with videos exploiting human carnage and they're never treated to hard times and hard work where your survival depended on your ability to reason. Since the military draft was eliminated, some have little if any self-reliance and have never experienced what it takes to push ones self to the limits of physical and mental tolerances.

It's early in the investigative stages, but I won't be surprised to find that these are the circumstances with this individual. Gun owners can't explain it any more than those opposed to guns can. It's a tragedy shared by all sides and by making knee-jerk assertions is simply grandstanding.