Sierra Club instigates another animal rights boondoggle

Some of you may remember a time when the Sierra Club was actually a cooperative wildlife conservation organization. Sadly, those days no longer exist and after being infiltrated with deep pocket donors from the "new world order", the Sierra Club is nothing more than a support wing to PETA and HSUS.

Here's their latest attempt to thwart hunting in national parks: The Sierra Club has asked that the Grand Teton National Park complete yet another environmental review of its annual elk hunt. The group cites “changing conditions” since the park last completed a study in 2007 as the reason they want hundreds or thousands of taxpayer dollars again spent on the review.

The secret word for all these organizations is "impact study" and you can see by this, there's no end to the boondoggery put at there hands thanks to the EPA and laws being misused to attempt in bankrupting our wildlife agencies.  Drought, fire, search for natural resources, new infrastructure, or perhaps just because it's Tuesday, they can claim "changing conditions". With lawyers and bleeding heart judges they have at their beckon call, it then requires the Department of Interior to jump through hoops to satisfy their wishes.

The only reason there are elk in the Grand Tetons is because of the billions of dollars paid by hunters and outdoorsmen who bought supplies and equipment with excise taxes. That tax money went into Pittman-Robinson coffers with the intentions of preserving species.  Not one cent paid to a single animal rights group has ever been returned to the resource. Next time you hear one of them calling themselves a "conservation organization", correct them.  They're a preservation organization and the biggest thing they protect is themselves.