People Q&A with Mrs. Harrington Heather Moffett

Q Why are you competing for Mrs. Delaware United States?

A When you win a state title, you get an amazing opportunity to expose people to your platform or cause. My platform is “Volunteer: You’re always a winner when you put others first.” I am promoting ‘Volunteer Delaware’ and Governor Markell’s efforts to encourage more people to be involved in community service.

Q How many pageants have you competed in?

A This is only my second one. Last year, I competed for this same state title. I’m not sure why I waited so long to try out pageantry, but I love it! It’s so much fun and it’s for any woman of any age.

Q Last year, you won the People's Choice Award and Best Interview. Are you confident you could win this year?

A Of course I would love to win, but just the prepping to compete is an amazing process, because you grow as a person to get ready for a pageant. I’ve been taking better care of myself physically, and I’m constantly sharpening my skills mentally for interview and the on-stage question.  When the big day gets here, I just want to have fun, endorse my platform, enjoy wearing a beautiful gown and do my best.

Q How did you become an on-air personality for a harness racing show and why do you like it?

A I am a third generation in harness racing so it’s always been part of my life. I can’t help but love what I do. It’s natural for me to work hard at promoting a sport that I find exciting where these  beautiful majestic animals are the superstars.

Q What type of community service do you do and why do you enjoy volunteering?

A I’ll get involved in any kind of community service – blood drives, sponsoring families during the holidays, finding homes for horses who are unable to race – I want to be a part of anything that’s going to make life better for someone else. I love volunteering for, I assume, the same reason everyone else does ­– that unexplainable wonderful feeling you get when you’re helping others.

Q If you win the pageant, in what ways would this help you?

A For me, winning is all about the exposure my platform gets. The title will bring with it a lot of opportunities (that I may not have otherwise) for me to talk to people about getting involved in their communities and pointing those who want to volunteer in the right direction.

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