The Campus Community High School spring sports programs have two new head coaches on board this year over its three sports, and are hoping to take big step forward this season.

With two new head coaches plus a returner that has his program moving forward, the buzz around the spring sports programs at Campus Community High School is noticeable.

Continuing to move forward year after year, the Cougar programs are looking to take that next big step this spring.

Boys Lacrosse
2010 record: 5-10, 1-7
State tournament: Failed to appear
Graduated seniors: 0
Opening game of 2011: 4 p.m. Wednesday, March 23, at Saint Thomas More Preparatory

Coming into his third year as head coach of the Cougar boys lacrosse program, Nick Pinto feels the program is finally starting to take strides in the right direction.

Through his first two seasons, Pinto said the big challenge was getting numbers up and teaching the game to his players.

While about half of this year’s team is new to the game, the coach said the returning players have brought their experience back into the fold, putting the Cougars further ahead of where they’ve been in the past.

Pinto said with those players back for him this year, he’s putting more responsibility on his returners, which he said is bringing the newcomers along faster.

With its first game still a week and a half away, the coach said he is looking forward to fielding a strong unit of returning defenders.

That, combined with a solidly conditioned team, Pinto said, should help Campus continue to build.

“I told them already that we should have a productive season as long as we stay on this course that we’re on,” he said.

Girls Soccer
2010 record: 2-13, 0-6
State tournament: Failed to appear
Graduated seniors: 5
Opening game of 2011: 4 p.m. Tuesday, March 22, at Conrad School

Taking over the Cougar girls soccer team this year, Head Coach Bridget Barnes is looking beyond the product on the field in how she wants to build the program.

With a team-first approach, Barnes said building a strong, bonded unit of players is the No. 1 goal before Campus can start talking wins and losses.

“We want a team that is very dedicated to each other,” she said. “We’re really trying to enforce that. We want everyone to understand that we’re only as strong as our weakest player. Communication is a big thing. We want a team that is happy and having fun, but works hard at the same time.”

That’s not to say the Cougars don’t have some talent, Barnes added, as the roster features a few travel players mixed in with the new players.

Moving forward in this preseason, the coach said she’s trying to boost the girls’ conditioning, which will be followed by implementation of some systems. With all of that ahead, though, Barnes said her team will still be ready for its first game.

2010 record: 6-14, 0-7
State tournament: Failed to appear
Graduated seniors: 2
Opening game of 2011: 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 29, at Red Lion Christian Academy, held at Odessa National Golf Course

Change seems to be the theme of the spring for the Campus golf program, as the team is welcoming new Head Coach Matt Bower as well as a change of venue to Maple Dale Country Club.

As for the team, Bower said right now he’s just building skills and mechanics with what is mostly a new team.

The advantage the Cougars have over year’s past, he added, happens to be the new venue.

Campus will share their home course with Dover High School and Saint Thomas More Preparatory, which Bower said will allow his players to see the players they’re aspiring to compete with on a daily basis.

“They see those kids on the range, and use the techniques they see from them,” he said. “It’s a motivator for them. It’s nice for kids to see that competition.”