Club Fitness has opened locations on Bay Road and Rodney Village, with a third to come in Rehoboth Beach this month.

Since October, Club Fitness has been serving new and old gym members in the area with locations on Bay Road and in Rodney Village.

Owner Mike Anthony spoke with the Post on Feb. 21 about what Club Fitness is offering the area.

Q What are the two membership packages you offer?
A We have a VIP membership that is for the location across from Blue Hen Mall. That basically gives you access to the larger location. It gives you free classes, and it gives you full access to all of our locations. You can even bring a friend with you for free every time to the Rodney Village location. It’s like having two memberships in one. It’s $24.99 per month, and you get a free personal training session where they put a whole plan together for you based on your goals and needs. That’s a 24-month agreement for the VIP.

Then there’s the basic membership, which is really set up for people that aren’t sure, they don’t want to commit to anything long term. It’s a month-to-month contract. That gives them access to just the Rodney Village location. It’s $9.99 per month. We do have free fitness classes there that show them how to use the equipment. It’s how to use cardio equipment, how to do an upper-body workout, how to do a lower-body workout, and that’s still free and included.

Q What kind of people are you trying to attract as members?
A We believe in fitness for everyone. We don’t cater to bodybuilders. Eighty-five percent of our members are new gym members, so that’s who we really cater to and who we try to help. There are trainers on staff that walk around and they look for people that need help. We’re not trying to say you have to use us, but if you need help, it’s on the back of our shirts, “If you need help, just ask.”

Q You mentioned when you sign up you get a one-hour free training session. What’s involved with that?
A It’s kind of like going to the doctor’s office. We sit down and measure you, do your body fat, find out what your goals are, and try to help you set realistic goals, as well as go over nutrition. They go over everything and give them a whole packet that’s based off of their goals.

Q What sets your gym apart from others?
A Just our staff and our prices. A lot of people say that it’s a big gym and you’re just a number, but it’s not true. We really push customer service.

ADDRESS 650 S. Bay Road, Dover; 1700 S. Governors Ave., Dover (in Rodney Village)
PHONE 678-4653 (Bay Road location); 264-9143 (Rodney Village location)
HOURS 24 hours, seven days per week

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