Jake’s Wayback Burgers has a new name — in order to be different than other Jake’s Burger joints as the company expands into other states — but the product hasn’t changed. Manager Brian Hall sat down with the Post Dec. 8 to talk about making burgers and shakes at the Dover eatery.

Q What makes a Jake’s burger different from other burgers?
A Ours, they’re all made fresh. The burgers are never frozen. Everything is all made to order. The person can basically create their own burger whereas other places you might go to you don’t really have to option. You notice that, when people come in they say, “Well, what do you put on it?” It’s all up to you; you create it.

Q Is there any secret to cooking the perfect hamburger?
A Honestly, the product sells itself. They give us a specific way to cook it, but I don’t really think it’s anything outrageous. There are certain ways like as far as how many presses on the burger and we’ve found exactly what makes it the juiciest burger.
When I first started, me as a person when I would grill it out and barbecue I’m one of the guys that would just flip, always just flip. You don’t do that. You let it cook. If you do [flip too much] it’s probably going to taste the same but it’s not going to get done as fast.

Q I always hear Jake’s compared to Five Guys Burgers. Do you hear that and how do you think they differ?
A I have and I’ve asked people as far as what they like. There’s a guy, he’s a truck driver who drives all around the country and has had Five Guys numerous times. He said that every time that he comes through here [he goes to Jake’s]. He says Jake’s is better than Five Guys, and I asked him, “Why?” He said, “It seems like it’s a little bit juicer, a little bit fresher,” and he said, “We appreciate the customer service.”
I went down to the beach and I went to the Five Guys just to check it out, and honestly what I found there, and as far as the company emphasizes, is the customer service. I don’t know if you noticed but [the other server] brought the food out to them.
Whenever I’m hiring people that’s the first thing I tell them. You can do flips but you have to have good customer service.

Q What are the most popular things you sell?
A The Jake Burger, which is the one with two patties, sells the most, and the shakes, probably the chocolate, vanilla and the black and white. Also the burger of the month and the shake of the month.
The pumpkin pie shake [November’s shake of the month], I had to order more. I was probably going through a gallon a week.

Q What’s your favorite item to order?
A I like the Jake with cheese. I get bacon on it and I’m a ketchup and mayo kind of guy. If I’m trying to be healthy I’ll go for the turkey burger.

Q What’s the best time for people to come if they don’t want a line?
A This store is primarily just by location more of a lunchtime place. At nighttime it’s more family outings [and less busy].

Q What do you like to do when you’re not working?
A What do you mean when I’m not working? I’m very involved in my church here. I’m also going to school to finish my bachelor’s degree; the VA is supporting me doing that. I’m taking classes here at Wilmington University. That’s pretty much it. There’s no other time. There’s no other hobbies.