Paramore has had the type of success bands twice as old never reach.  Rhythm guitarist Taylor York took time out from preparing for their upcoming tour — and a show at the Delaware State Fair — for a chat.

Paramore has had the type of success bands twice as old never reach. Hits on the “Twilight” soundtrack, guest vocals by lead singer Hayley Williams on the omnipresent B.o.B. hit “Airplanes,” and the critically acclaimed CD “Brand New Eyes” have made for an exciting few years. Rhythm guitarist Taylor York and his four bandmates are gearing up for their largest headlining tour to date, with a show at the Delaware State Fair slated for Saturday, July 24.

Q This is largest tour Paramore has headlined. How are you prepping for that?
A I’m not really trying to think so much about it. It’s been since last fall since we’ve headlined a tour in the states, so I’m just itching to be playing to our fans in the states. To play a show of this caliber and the size of the Honda Civic Tour, we’re beyond ecstatic. We have more production than we’ve ever had and we’re playing a longer set that we’ve ever played. We’re excited to get our hands dirty and go for it.

Q How has the success of your 2009 CD “Brand New Eyes” changed things?
A It hasn’t really changed a lot. We’re incredibly proud of the record. We didn’t expect to see the kind of success that we saw, in a way, because it just didn’t seem as cookie cutter and popular as maybe some of our other stuff. It’s been really encouraging that music that we’re making from the heart is being accepted from the public. There’s so much on the radio that we don’t want to play, so it’s encouraging to see what we’re playing is doing well.

Q If you could emulate another musician’s career, whose would it be?
A Maybe not the exact type of music, but Dave Grohl has done an incredible job. From playing drums in an incredibly influential and successful band [Nirvana], to doing his own thing [Foo Fighters] and his new project [Them Crooked Vultures], singing and playing guitar and doing something completely different, it just seems like he follows his passions.
He’s so well respected, he’s so good at what he does. I would love to go on to do other things, try new things and do it well.

Q What sets Paramore apart from other young bands?
A It’s a really hard question. I think part of it is that we started at a really young age, but we were very like-minded. We were just this functioning unit that was solid, and as we’ve grown up we’ve changed and grown out of that tight-knit cluster, we’re individuals. A lot of the records I like, a lot of the people in the band wouldn’t even listen to.
We don’t want to compromise our music for the sake of being popular. So being true to our hearts and what we believe and being honest, I just think people believed it, which is really cool. We’ve had incredible fans.

Q Anything you’re looking forward to about performing at a fair?
A I love state fairs, I haven’t been to many of them. I think as we’re playing more and more shows, we love diversity. It pulls you out of that monotony, that whole “Groundhog’s Day” mentality. It’s different scenery, different people, different crowds. We’ll play club shows and the next day we’ll play a big festival. So a state fair, bring it on.

Q What’s next for Paramore?
A Honestly, we’re taking it one thing at a time. People keep asking us about a new record, and as far as we’re concerned there’s still a lot of life in this record.
I think often when musicians start making something new, they’re so passionate about what they’re doing. But we’re still excited about the new stuff, so we’re riding out this record until the end of it. When we make a new record, we make a new record.