Trans Camera opened in the Dover Mall Boscov's earlier this month under the same people that ran the store's previous camera shop.

Earlier this year, the long-time Ritz Camera shop that sat in the Dover Mall Boscov’s was closed down.

The camera shop void sat for quite some time until the same people that ran the stand before re-upped in the same spot as the brand new Trans Camera earlier this month.

Manager Terry Tolson met with the Dover Post July 13 to discuss what to expect out of the shop.

Q Since the store re-opened as Trans Camera a few weeks ago, how has business been?
A It’s a slow start but things are starting to come on. We’ve been calling a lot of our older customers that we had when it was Ritz Camera to get them back in and let them know that we’re here and that we’re doing pictures again. Our first initial thing is to get them back in, our older customers, and get them reunited with us. We want to get our customers back here to know that they’re going to get the same services they got before. It’s just a new company. But it’s the same faces and same customer service we had before, if not better.

Q What kind of services does the show offer?
A We’ve got a lot of imaging services like we used to have. We can do pictures from any digital media, photo books, posters, we’ve got laminating and mounting services now and we can do DVDs. Our main scope is going to be photo finishing, getting the customer in, getting their prints done and getting the images.

Q What products will you be carrying?
A We’re starting to get all of our products in for the camera lines. We’re not going to carry all the lines we had at Ritz. We’re going to carry the main manufacturers, starting with Cannon and Nikon. And then we’re going to work our way from there and build up some other products. But we’ll start with the most popular brands.

Q How does your pricing match up to your competitors for all of your products and services?
A We’re competitive with everybody. And with our photo finishing, we’re trying to be No. 1 with that in quality. The quality is there and we want to give the customer the best value. And that’s what we feel we’ve done with the pricing.

Q What is something that sets your shop apart from others like it?
A We’re still developing film. In fact, when we first opened we got bombarded with rolls of film. The film is outweighing the digital a little bit more than it did before because a lot of people aren’t processing film now.

ADDRESS 1365 N. DuPont Highway, Dover, inside Boscov’s
PHONE 734-9210
HOURS 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday

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