Unemployed workers can now file online.

Delaware’s Department of Labor Secretary announced today that unemployed Delawareans can file their new or reopened unemployment insurance claims online.

“We know people would rather be out looking for a job, versus standing in an unemployment claims line,” said John J. McMahon Jr., secretary of the Delaware Department of Labor. “Our new online option makes services more customer-friendly and efficient at the same time.”

An initial informal rollout of the system by the Division of Unemployment Insurance in mid-December has received positive feedback from users who say the Internet application was convenient and easy. Since the rollout, 5,206 fewer people have had to stand line waiting to file for unemployment benefits. 

“Our usage grew from 18% in January to 30% by February, which shows that more people are taking advantage of the online filing option,” said Delaware Unemployment Insurance Director W. Thomas MacPherson.

Diamond Technologies Inc., the New Castle-based IT consulting firm, and the Division of Unemployment Insurance collaborated to develop a system that allows claims to be filed from virtually any device that can access the Internet.

“The system has already even logged claims from iPhone users,” said Nate Sharp, director of business development for Diamond Technologies. “We worked very closely with the state unemployment office staff to make sure the applicant would have a straightforward, easy-to-use online experience. Filing for unemployment is never pleasant, so we wanted to make sure the technology was a facilitator, not a hindrance to this process.”

“We are working every day to make it so people can feel secure in the jobs they have and so that people who need to get back to work can,” says Governor Jack A. Markell.  ”I thank the Department and its technology partner for working to make it easier during these difficult times. Our goal needs to be fewer filings, online or otherwise.”

For those individuals choosing to file online, the application is located on the Department of Labor’s website at https://uics.delawareworks.com/Forms/Form_WL1.aspx.