Bartender Ashley Miclette has been at the Touchdown for more than two years, first as a server and now as a bartender. The Colts fan has seen it all while working at the sports bar and restaurant, and can even tell you when the best time is to visit, whether you’re into football and smack talk or more into karaoke.

Ashley Miclette
Touchdown Restaurant & Sports Pub • 1666 S. DuPont Highway, Dover • 674-0975
11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday to Thursday
11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday

Q You’ve been both a server and a bartender; What’s the difference?
A When you’re serving you’re dealing with more families and it’s your job to be more personable. With the bar, you’re behind the horseshoe, it’s faster paced. The faster the better.

Q Touchdown is a sports bar. What are your busiest sporting events?
A Throughout football season we’re really busy. We get the hardcore fans who are really intense. We get some rivalries, we get a lot of booing, a lot of trash talking.

Q So what teams have the craziest fans?
A Pittsburgh Steelers. We have some Eagle fans, too, and Philadelphia fans are pretty hardcore.

Q Do you have a favorite team?
A I’m an Indianapolis Colts fan. They’ve been doing good this year, too — I got to trash talk a little! I grew up as a Patriots fan because my dad’s from New England, but I was never really into football. And I don’t like Tom Brady. So I switched to the Colts because it’s my boyfriend’s team, and Payton Manning is amazing.

Q Did you work during the snowstorm?
A Yes, we were open every day. On Sunday, I didn’t think I could get here. Someone asked me if I was going to call out, and I said I didn’t want to, I was restless. So the boss picked us up because he has an SUV, and we stayed ‘til 9. We were so busy. We were one of the only places open, so we got some regulars and some customers who had never been here before.

Q When are the busiest nights?
A Thursday is pretty busy because there’s football and we have $1 tacos and $3 margaritas and Coronas and Dos Equis beers. Fridays and Saturdays are busy too, and Sunday afternoons. Saturdays we have karaoke, so we get a different crowd, we get the people who come to sing.

Q What are some of your most popular mixed drinks?
A The basics, a lot of rail drinks. On Saturdays with karaoke we do a lot of specialty drinks, like Bahama Mamas.

Q Is there a song you’d like to never hear again?
A “Cotton Eyed Joe.”

Q What are some of your most popular dishes?
A Burgers are really popular, especially during a lunch shift. Wings are popular; lemon pepper and honey garlic are probably the most popular. Then our pasta dishes and prime rib sandwich are popular for dinner.

Q What would you want to tell people who have never been here?
A A lot of people think it’s just a bar, but we have a full menu. And we have a family atmosphere, with games and a wide variety of food. There’s something for everybody.

Bahama Mama, one of Touchdown's most popular mixed drinks, includes:

light rum dark rum coconut rum sour mix pineapple juice orange juice dash of grenadine