New bank provides quality service and a feeling of community.

  A bank that recently opened on Route 13 is aiming to provide Dover businesses and residents with quality customer service and a sense of community.

  James Ladio, president of the Wilmington-based MidCoast Community, took a moment to answer a few questions about the company’s new branch that started serving customers on Sept. 2.

  Can you tell me about how MidCoast Community Bank started?
  The company started in March 2007. The organizers are all local businessmen, and by local, I mean in Delaware, Chester County in Pennsylvania, and some contiguous counties in Maryland. We recognized there were a lot of banks in this area but noticed there were not a lot of community banks.

   A lot of people who own the bank live and work in our community as well, and that allows us to focus on our market because we’re not lending to people from other places.

   Why did you decide to open a branch of the bank in Dover?
   The branch in Dover is our second branch, and we’ve got a lot of second lenders in the area, so it seemed natural for us to expand to this area.  A bank is an expensive enterprise, and we’re happy that, even before our second anniversary, we became a profitable organization. We see a great opportunity to continue to grow.

   What unique products and services does your business offer?
   Our niche is commercial lending to small to mid-size commercial business, anything from start-ups to existing products. We also offer very competitive consumer products.  We have free checking accounts, electronic banking, and certificates of deposits.
The hallmark for our bank is the face-to-face service. In commercial lending, we go out to the business, and they know us. When people come into the bank, they can sit down and talk with us about their account. Everyone makes the joke that if I don’t see you in the bank, I’ll see you in grocery store tonight, and that’s really how it is.

  If someone wants to open an account with your bank, is there anything they need to bring to the bank with them?

  They can just come in and sit down, and we’ll talk, and put together a plan of what they need. With businesses, many times, we’ll come out to them to talk about what their needs are.
There’s not a specific package available to consumers, because it depends on what they need. We pride ourselves on knowing people in the community and providing good customers service to our customers.

For more information
MidCoast Community Bank
Address: 584 N. DuPont Highway
Phone: 302-724-4833
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Friday, and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday

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