The City of Dover will begin revaluating properties Feb. 2 to use with the 2010 tax bill.

The City of Dover is conducting the first phase of the approximately 15-month City of Dover Property Revaluation Project that is committed to determining fair and equitable real estate values according to current market value. Data collectors will begin gathering information on properties in the northwest area of the city beginning Feb. 2. Before visiting any area, informational brochures will be mailed to property owners.

Data collectors will verify and record information for approximately 11,000 parcels of residential and commercial properties in the city. They will knock on doors, asking to conduct both an interior and exterior inspection. Interior inspections are conducted when possible to enhance the overall accuracy of the information. The data collectors will ask questions about the property’s age, type of basement, number of rooms, baths, type of heat, and anything that is unique to the building.

If it is not convenient to allow the data collector inside, residents may answer questions at the door; however, the overall quality of the information is improved if a data collector is able to see both the inside and outside. If no one is home, the data collector will measure the outside of the building and an opportunity to schedule an appointment for an interior inspection will be provided at a later date. Data collectors will not ask to enter a home if no adult is present.

The City of Dover hired Tyler Technologies’ CLT Division to conduct the City’s first revaluation since 1990 to help ensure fairness and equity. CLT employs trained appraisal professionals and has been a pioneer in the mass appraisal profession since 1938.

Locally hired data collectors have been trained through classroom instruction, in-field supervision, and a system of quality control reviews to ensure accurate data collection. Data collectors are not appraisers and cannot answer valuation or tax questions. 

Every data collector will display an official Tyler Technologies color photo ID.  All CLT field staff and their vehicles will be registered with both the assessor’s office 736-7022 and local police 736-7111.

The revaluation project will be completed in 2010 when the new assessments are used to prepare 2010 tax bills. 

For more information, call the Tyler/CLT Office at 760-4927.