Fans of the "Twilight" series of young adult novels don't have much longer to wait for the Saturday, Aug. 2, release of its last and latest book, "Breaking Dawn." Book sellers and local libraries are getting ready for the big event by stocking up and celebrating.

    Vampires, werewolves and young love make for a great combination, or so think fans of the young adult “Twilight” series of novels.

    Readers gnawing on their nails in anticipation of the Saturday, Aug. 2, release of “Breaking Dawn,” the last book in the saga, will be able to commiserate with fellow fans at local events while passing those last few miserable hours before the boxes of books are opened.

    The books are sold as young adult novels, but Atlantic Book Warehouse Assistant Manager Kerri Hollyday said just as many adults read them as teens. And as opposed to heavier, adult topics that some tween books delve into, these do not.

    “Even though it is paranormal, it’s a very nice story,” Hollyday said. “There’s a trend in young adult publishing that tends to be a little too adult.”

    To celebrate the final book release, the staff at Atlantic has gone all out to get ready for the store’s Friday night/Saturday event.

    Black drapes and red accents mimicking the book covers adorn the store’s windows and multiple displays inside grab shoppers’ attention.

    The store will open at 11 p.m. Friday, Aug. 1, with a local band, Destroying the Catalyst, playing. Also on tap are a live feed from the New York release party with the books’ author Stephenie Meyer, trivia and costume contests and prizes.

    This is the first time the store is holding a special event for a book other than the Harry Potter series, but the Internet has fueled the popularity of the “Twilight” series to the point where it made sense. The books, including “Twilight,” “New Moon” and “Eclipse,” are constant sellers, Hollyday said.

    “It’s a book [series] you always want to have in stock because people always pick them up,” she said.

    Atlantic and Dover Mall’s Waldenbooks have been taking pre-orders for “Breaking Dawn,” but both say they should have enough for those who didn’t request a copy. Both stores will be selling the $22.99 hard cover book at a discounted price: Atlantic for $14.94 and Waldenbooks for $13.79.

    The series follows Bella, a high school student who transfers from Arizona to the Pacific Northwest only to fall in love with a fellow student. And vampire. From there, readers have followed Bella through love, danger and intrigue, and the last book should be no different.

    Bella is supposed to get married in the final novel, so Waldenbooks has planned a bachelorette party-themed shindig for 11 p.m. Friday, according to Assistant Manager Brandy Chapin.

    A psychic resembling one from the books, trivia, a sign-in book for Bella on her impending nuptials and costume contest will keep fans occupied while waiting for the stroke of midnight. Borders stores, including Waldenbooks, also will have an exclusive calendar for sale featuring scenes from the upcoming “Twilight” movie. Author Meyer compiles playlists for readers to listen to while enjoying the books, so the store will be playing the appropriate music to set the tone, as will Atlantic.

    Chapin said she read the first book under the misconception that it was going to be darker, more Gothic than it was. It was more about high school kids, including the requisite gorgeous guy who happens to fall in love with this klutzy girl, Bella.

    That storyline gets readers of all ages involved, and they fall in love the characters and the writer herself.

    “I guess it just gives people hope,” Chapin said.

    Denise Cayz, library system administrator at the Kent County Public Library, said they haven’t had a lot of questions about the books thus far, but she knows there will be some heightened interest in them once the final one comes out.

    Sue Ray, teen librarian at the Dover Public Library, said there already are 36 holds on “Breaking Dawn” from Kent and Sussex county readers, and 12 books have been ordered. Not only is there interest in the new book, but the first three have been hard to keep in stock, too. Although many like to borrow, she said many like to own a full set.

    “We find that people like to buy this one because it’s so popular,” Ray said.

    The story is unbelievable, according to Ray, but Meyer’s writing makes it accessible, which is one key to the books’ success. The “Romeo and Juliet” theme adds to the popularity as well.

    “She wrote a really good, strong central love story,” Ray said.

    Ray plans to hold a book discussion in November covering the entire series.
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If you go...
What: Release party for “Breaking Dawn,” the last book in the “Twilight” saga
When: 11 p.m. Friday, Aug. 1
Where: Atlantic Book Warehouse, 1159 N. DuPont Highway, Dover
Admission: Free
Information: Call 734-1699

If you go...
What: Release party for “Breaking Dawn,” the last book in the “Twilight” saga
When: 11 p.m. Friday, Aug. 1
Where: Waldenbooks, Dover Mall, Dover
Admission: Free
Information: Call 674-8775