Deeds and Dover building permits from week of July 30.

    Quoc-Nam T. and Sheryl S. Nguyen to Robert T. and Tracey L. Sembly, Town and Country subdivision, Lot 76, 11 Anne Gillis Lane, town of Smyrna, 7,566 sq. ft., $236,000.
    David J. and Teresa M. Sawicki to Phillip F. and Mariesha J. Lazarus, Woodfield subdivision, Lot 241, Hidden Creek Way, North Murderkill Hundred, 24,134 sq. ft., $242,000.
    Domingo Punales and Marta Garcia to Jason M. and Sarah L. Shively, Domingo Punales & Marta Garcia subdivision, Lot 1, Weiner Avenue, Mispillion Hundred, 7,245 sq. ft., $153,000.
    Grace A. Ampofoh to Margarita and Eddie R. Ortega, Royal Grant subdivision, Lot 55, 159 Royal Grant Way, North Murderkill Hundred, 14,034 sq. ft., $240,000.
    Tomotheus Dukes to Stonewall Construction LLC, Thomas H. Purnell Lots subdivision, Lot 74, Hillside Avenue, town of Frederica, 5,845 sq. ft., $25,000.
    Salvatore and Patricia Santoro to Michael Haxton, The Hamlet subdivision, Lot 128, 53 Forest Creek Drive, city of Dover, $132,000.
    Donald M. Sylvester to The Shepherd Place, Rodney Village subdivision, Lot 12, Charles Polk Road, East Dover Hundred, 8,205 sq. ft., $140,000.
    Brown and Brown Properties LLC to Interstate Builders Inc., John C. Darby subdivision, Lot 62, Fifth Street, South Murderkill Hundred, 3,561 sq. ft., $68,500.
    Benchmark Builders Inc. to Moussa A., Fanta and Mabana Bamba, Providence Crossing subdivision, Lot 30, 428 Christiana River Drive, town of Clayton, 10,125 sq. ft., $341,642.
    Denbone Properties LLC to Anthony Payne, Denbone Properties LLC subdivision, Lot 2, Clayton Boulevard, town of Clayton, 0.165 acres, $148,000.
    Nancy Proto to Ronald W. and Anne M. Jarrell, 589 Milford-Harrington Highway, Milford Hundred, 0.54 acres, $172,000.
    Sally C. Reece to Kenneth A. and Susan R. McAllister, Hidden Pond subdivision, Lot 33, 23 Lott Court, South Murderkill Hundred, 15,255 sq. ft., $225,000.
    Southern View Homes LLC to Abdulai Sheriff and Cecilia M. Powell, Southern View subdivision, Lot 99, Southern View Drive, Duck Creek Hundred, 12,150 sq. ft., $481,423.33.
    Forrest W. and Denise M. Flanagan to Robert Joseph Jr. and Aundria M. Hicks, Garrison Lake Green subdivision, Lot 108, 271 India Drive, Duck Creek Hundred, 0.32 acres, $279,000.
    Charles Craine to Jesse A. and Catherine M. Marquardt, River View Estates subdivision, Lot 70, Lea Avenue, South Murderkill Hundred, 22,902 sq. ft., $325,000.
    Thomas C. and Gayle L. Bernhard to Carrie S. and Edward W. Farrall, Lands of Robert F. Bergold subdivision, Barratts Chapel Road, South Murderkill Hundred, 43,991 sq. ft., $293,550.
    Robert J. Hichks Jr. to Matthew J. and Cindi R. Pallmann, Myrtle J. Harmon subdivision, Lot 8, 6177 N. DuPont Highway, Little Creek Hundred, 22,504 sq. ft., $151,500.
    Fast Cash Realty LLC to Moore Realty Corp., Palmer Park subdivision, Lot 23, Route 13, North Murderkill Hundred, 6,000 sq. ft., $38,000.
    Linkside Townhomes LLC to Julia R. Boyce, Linkside Townhomes subdivision, Lot 15, Bay Hill Lane, 3,250 sq. ft., $205,000.
    Alexis Virdin-Gede to Brock A. Houseman and Jennifer J. Gill, Robert Virdin subdivision, Lot 12, 947 Proctors Purchase Road, West Dover Hundred, 1.006 acres, $204,000.
    NVR Inc. to Priscilla M. Porter, Providence Crossing subdivision, Lot 335, Coldwater Drive, town of Clayton, 12,567 sq. ft., $352,545.33.
    Theodore E. Van Der Laan to Cecil E. Williams V, Village of Westover subdivision, Lot 304, 249 Trafalgar Drive, city of Dover, 2,651 sq. ft., $179,000.
    Scott Lee and Angela Adkins to Carol A. Slay, Bay View Heights subdivision, Lot 61, Sussex Lane, South Murderkill Hundred, 7,650 sq. ft., $63,000.
    John F. and Kristine L. Southard to Debra A. Roberts, Pleasant Hill subdivision, Lot 76, 197 Exchange Drive, North Murderkill Hundred, 18,289 sq. ft., $320,000.
    Roger A. Richards to Zakia J. Boone, Brandywine Court Condominium Unit G-32, city of Dover, 1,010 sq. ft., $86,400.
    Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Andrew F. Vogel, Cypress Gardens subdivision, Lot 78, Evergreen Road, North Murderkill Hundred, 15,000 sq. ft., $86,400.
    Gary H. Lewis to Clyde L. Hibbler Jr., Lands of Adele R. Gibbs subdivision, Lot 1, County Road 341, Little Creek Hundred, 1.2163 acres, $16,500.
    Gary H. Lewis to Clyde L. Hibbler Jr., Lands of Adele R. Gibbs subdivision, Lots 2 and 3, County Road 341, Little Creek Hundred, 4.279 acres, $148,500.
    Schiff Land Development Company LLC to Gemcraft Homes Inc., The Reserve at Chestnut Ridge Sections 1&2 subdivision, Lots 26 and 142, North Murderkill Hundred, $65,500.
    Patricia M. Fout to Joseph III and Mary Denise Thorn, Lake Como Gardens subdivision, Lot 34, Lake Drive, town of Smyrna, $138,000.
    Interstate Builders Inc. to Lori M. Erhart, Moyer Major subdivision, Lot 4, Games Drive, Milford Hundred, 18,976 sq. ft., $82,000.

Dover building permits
    Renovations, 640 S. State St., KGH, Bayhealth Medical Center Inc., $75,000.
    Renovations, 149 S. Governors Ave., D&S Investments Co. LLP, $20,000.
    Addition, 19 Arbor Drive, Edmond and Alicia Edwards, $7,000.
    Addition, 1016 Wyoming Mill Road, Donald D. and Rae Donna Hansen, $2,500.
    Renovations, 143 Old Forge Road, Luisa Loffreda, $32,000.
    Renovations, 200 Banning St., Dover Medical Properties LLC, $62,386.
    Renovations, 348 N. DuPont Highway, Dimple Enterprises LLC, $11,000.
    Siding, 34 N. Edgehill Ave., Hugh N. Seay Jr., $6,950.
    Shed, 505 Garden Lane, Robert M. and Matilda M. Snable, $2,500.
    Soffitt and facia, 312 Troon Road, Michael C. and Eliz M. Nielsen, $7,997.
    Addition, 28 Moriarty St., Christopher P. Uhles, $24,000.
    Windows, 546 Crawford Ave., Christopher Hampton, $5,949.
    Windows, 337 Kesselring Ave., Joseph A. Vlach, $1,200.
    Roofing, 944 Boggs Drive, Barbara and Beverly Horton, $1,000.
    House, 311 Topaz Circle, Emerald Pointe Inc., $202,645.
    House, 343 Topaz Circle, Emerald Pointe Inc., $202,645.

Kent County
building permits
    House, Wyndale Court, Pulte Home Corporation, $205,635.
    Commercial building, 10 Lebanon Road, Moore’s Lake Shopping Center, $350,000.
    Deck and fence, 214 N. Marshview Terrace, Richmond American Homes of Pennsylvania, $4,145.
    House, Strauss Avenue, James Leslie States, $102,084.
    Deck, 494 Woodyard Road, Kerry R. Hall, $1,360.
    House, Tulip Drive, Willowwood Development Inc., $118,074.
    Sign, Harvest Grove Trail, Delaware Property LLC, $3,000.
    Sign, 2200 N. DuPont Highway, Maddalena Rentals LLC, $3,600.
    Woodstove, 759 Barratts Chapel Road, Charles H. Sterner Jr., $1,250.
    Commercial building, Route 113, Acorn Holdings LLC, $950,000.
    Addition, 3514 Leipsic Road, John P. Ulrich, $86,350.
    House, 22 Gardenia Blvd., Red School LLC, $150,863.
    Deck, 60 S. Constitution Drive, Faye E. Kelly, $1,904.
    Addition, 1416 Lynnbury Woods Road, Robert C. Adams, $20,000.
    Deck with roof, 58 Aintree Lane, Emilio Nazario Jr., $1,280.
    House, Plica Circle, Schiff Land Development, $146,681.
    Porch, 2826 Longridge Road, Edward J. Healy, $3,900.
    Deck and Fence, 72 Riverside Drive, Jeffrey Peppers, $4,827.
    House, 298 Estates Drive, Sambhab Kumar, $335,470.
    House, Noble’s Pond Crossing, Eddie Evans Farm Phase I LLC, $116,519.
    Deck, 638 Windrow Way, Jonathan Ryan Diaz, $2,992.
    Deck, 244 Kentland Avenue, Patrick W. Pearce-Percy, $4,250.
    Addition, 109 Philchris Drive, William C. Broomfield, $16,350.
    Ramp, 111 W. Milby St., David C. Coverdale, $1,326.
    House, 5332 Halltown Road, Austin Valentine, $161,396.
    Screen porch, 8080 Willow Grove Road, Don K. Collier, $7,296.
    Deck, 2565 Andrews Lake Road, Donald E. Rinaldi, $3,103.
    Deck, Church Street, Freddie J. Elliott, $2,856.
    Deck, 164 Winding Wood Drive, Phillip G. Donaway Jr., $2,346.
    Deck, 152 Rockwood Blvd., Frank Skrypak, $3,315.
    Deck, 36 E. Braeburn Drive, Todd T. Batson, $3,152.
    Shed, 165 York Drive, William C. Bowe, $1,344.
    Shed, 63 Brenford Station Road, Ryan Buchanan, $1,492.
    Porch, 45 Lady Court, Kevin R. McKay, $3,648.
    Pool, 930 Lochmeath Way, Thomas L. Brown, $6,499.
    Shed, 316 Cams Fortune Way, Alfred Malosiecki, $1,176.
    Pool, 72 Wildswood Road, Raymond B. Ott, $37,474.
    Shed, 38 Rebecca Court, Joseph A. Latavitz III, $1,008.
    Pool, 663 Jackson Ditch Road, Jerry M. Fountain, $9,867.
    Deck, 119 Lambert Drive, Ennio M. Zaragoza, $6,800.
    Pool, 87 Gardenia Blvd., Anastacio Matamoros, $19,640.
    Shed, SHR 116, Laurence W. Lester, $1,176.
    Pool, 124 Parkway Drive, Michael J. Gondeck, $6,019.
    Pool, Route 14, Erin Richard Fruehauf, $2,157.
    Woodstove, Hopkins Cemetery Road, Edward L. Thompson, $1,250.
    Shed, Lexington Mill Road, South Wood Acres LLC, $1,120.
    Basement, Chipman Drive, Laureltowne Holdings LLC, $1,026.
    Shed, 3932 Peachtree Run, Herman Littleton III, $1,120.
    Agricultural building, 6071 Mud Mill Road, Kurt Morthole, $24,552.
    Siding, Mispillion Street, Doris E. Linton, $9,600.
    Alterations, 4 Simpson St., Charles Trust Farmer, $3,240.
    Shed, 4922 Sandtown Road, Robert Steele, $1,680.
    Pool, 88 Appalachian Drive, Robert J. Ridgeway III, $3,749.
    Fence, Delaware Avenue, Marydel Fire Department, $1,000.
    Shed, 151 Princess Ann Avenue, Mount Vernon Estates Ltd., $1,120.
    Pool, 559 Otter Way, Eric R. Bayley, $25,950.
    Siding, 445 Arnold Court, Robert L. Emery, $2,700.
    Shed, 463 Brenford Station Road, Robert Workman, $1,600.
    Fence, 161 London Drive, Matthew S. Burkholder, $1,115.