Marriage licenses, divorces and wills from the week of July 30.

Marriage licenses
    Rigoberto Bravo, Bella Vista, Mexico, to Valerie Vazquez-Cruz, Milford.

    Terry James Cooper, Felton, to Brandy Dee Bauer, Harrington.

    Kenneth James French, Hartly, to Paula Jean Rose, Hartly.

    Vincent Parana Lim, Union, N.J., to Joy Mae Cabili, San Carlos City, Philippines.

    Brian Richard MacPhail, Dover, to Gwendolyn Diane Byler, Harrington.

    Justin Dallas Manley, Dover, to Amy Lynn Stratton, Dover.

    Karl Dewitt Hazzard Jr., Dover, to Jolanda Dionne Darling, Dover.

    Steven Devine Mercer, Smyrna, to Lauren Marie Novello, Smyrna.

    Logan Bently Wolf, Dover, to Casey Sue Dunning, Dover.

    Michael James Furtak, Dover, to Tiffany Sierra Jackson, Dover.

    Kenneth Victor Glanden, Newark, to Robin Page Cofone, Newark.

    Timothy David Gregg, Dover, to Meghan Blair Richardson, Dover.

    Michael Wayne Johnson, Dover, to Lisa Jean Burnham, Dover.

    Kurt Wolfgang VonBrandt, Middletown, to Brooke Michele Simpkins, Middletown.

    Andrew Michael Warder, Bryans Road, Md., to Charese Philecia Hancock, Bryans Road, Md.

    Keith Cory Wright, New York City, N.Y., to Stephanie Nichelle Baker, New York City, N.Y.

    Jason Todd Davis, Harrington, to Cindy Vazquez Ramdat, Harrington.

    Thomas Patrick Gunning, Dover, to Jennifer Brett Layson, Dover.

    Rayborn Lee Heape, Hartly, to Georgia Anna Carter, Hartly.

    Jacob Anthony Leite, Smyrna, to Ekaterina Alexandrovna Gorchakova, Revda, Russia.

    Brian William Nicholas Jr., Marydel, to Kasey Lynnay Blackburn, Marydel.

    Eric Walter Cardwell, Middletown, to Tonya Alyce Guy, Middletown.

    Adam Robert Fisher, Victorville, Calif., to Alecia Hope Koller, Georgetown.

    Timothy James Harris, Dover, to Erica Kathleen Koria, Dover.

    Marvin Yovanni Martinez-Mazariegos, Amatitlan, Guatemala, to Miriam Salome Fuentes-Fuentes, Santa Clara, Guatemala.

    Jose Numa Narciso-Nava, Tierra Colorada, Mexico, to Patricia Garcia-Perez, Cacahoatan, Mexico.

    Charles Perry Payne, Milford, to Lizzie Marie Dredden, Milford.

    Criag Kendall Priest, Philadelphia, Pa., to Estella Vonzella Brown, Camden.

    Isaiah Carter Robinson, Dover, to Cameron Denise Wise, Dover.

    James Russell and Carrie B. Hughes.

    Megan Fillette and Christopher A. Wagner.

    Andrea B. Maucher and James W. Maucher III.

    Leslie S. Beckett and Bobby R. Evans Sr.

    Denae L. George and Jason K. Jeffers.

    Catherine M. Siegel and Curtis L. Huber.

    Warren Wright and Paula L. Wright.

    Michael J. Frampton and Lyn M. Frampton.

    Samantha M. Robinson and John J. Robinson.

    Ethel L. Marshall and Carl W. McNatt.

    Denise F. Collison and Robert J. Stokes.

    Butch A. McCarty and Andrea L. McCarty.

    Barry V. Hollingsworth and Eloise Metrock.

    Christine L. Baker and David L. Baker.

    Laura P. Blevins and Joseph M. Blevins Jr.

    Peter Magagnotti and Holly Magagnotti.

    Heather J. Padgett and Matthew J. Padgett.

    Keith R. Jones and Melissa E. Mickens-Jones.

    Robert C. Baynard and Annie P. Hoskins.

    Asley V. Sepulved and Isaac D. Torres.

    Marguerite Price and Donald Price.

    Crystal L. Harmon and Mark D. Harmon.

    Mary A. Dodson and Robert U. Dodson.

    Amy L. McClements and Donald L. McClements.

    Nicole M. Pressley and Kendor D. Taylor.

    Rebecca Brown and Woodrow W. Brown Jr.

    Dionna J. Preslar and John P. Sulecki.

    Deanna L. Hall and Mark Rivera.

    Joyce Sappleton and Headley Sappleton.

    Colleen A. Thompson and Keyonta D. Marshall.

    Cami M. Keyser and Steven B. Keyser.

    Robert L. Jackson and Tonya Jackson.

    Craig A. Snyder and Stephanie F. Snyder.

    James W. Gooch Sr. and Linda M. Gooch.

    Cynthia L. Jimenez and Adelio A. Guzman.

    Beshara Taher and Jeremaine M. Taher-Watts.

    Katrina A. Sweetland and Donny R. Sertain.

    Gary L. Coleman and Alicia A. Coleman.

    Sarah A. Thomas and Jason F. Thomas.

    Amy N. Lushbaugh and James A. Land Jr.

    Betty A. Bennett and Thomas E. Bennett.

    Joan A. Messick and Dennis J. Scott.

    Paula D. Kohout and Wayne L. Long.

    Lydia Manigo and Courtney B. Smikle.

    Matthew Able and Gina Able.

    Victor M. Banks and Stephanie A. Banks.

    Hepsiba L. Fobeteh and Kangsen M. Masango.

    Dana E. Lewis and Roland J. Andrews.

    Debra E. Williams and Carlos Williams.

    Farrah F. Aiken and Andrus J. Aiken Jr.

    Brian McKinley and Shannon McKinley.

    Pamela E. Donaghy and Richard T. Stimson.

    Carmen G. Mace and Francis E. Ballek Jr.

    Edna A. Brooks and Lawrence B. Brooks.

    Cathleen A. Maguire and Richard A. Engelsiepen Jr.

    Lamar Stancell and Petetrica R. Parker.

    Rita M. Edmonson and Benjamin H. Smith.

    Roy B. Robbins and Sandra L. Robbins.

    Michael L. Hamlett and Leo Hamlett.

    Kristi L. Johnson and Joel C. Wahlsten.

    Tawanna J. Prophet and Robert A. Prophet.

    Amy L. Maracle and Craig S. Maracle.

    Daniel P. Bower and Amanda B. Bower.

    Steven R. Kennedy and Mercedez Kennedy.

    Catherine L. Nickle and Shawn E. Nickle.

    Jacob A. Mutter and Dawn M. Stone.

    Christine L. McCarty and Jeffrey L. McCarty Sr.

    Robert A. Pina and Patricia Arce.

    Estate of Charles Mark Zimmerman, letters of administration to Patricia Zimmerman.

    Estate of Maggie Benson, letters of administration to Sandra W. Dean.

    Estate of Christel Helga Ursula Mahnke, letters of administration to Charles S. Knothe.

    Estate of George Eugene Bryson, letters of administration to Matthew R. Bryson.

    Estate of Sybil Turpin Gooden-Harvey, letters of administration to Ashlee M. Harvey.

    Estate of Charles S. Moore, letters testamentary to Nancy G. Moore.