Members of the Delaware Tech Terry Campus community observed and celebrated Black History Month with events and activities throughout February.

Among the highlights was a visit to Fairview Elementary School, where Delaware Tech students, faculty and staff spent time reading with the elementary school students, as well as making "Dream” quilts, watching “Kid President” video and having relevant Black History Month-based discussions.

In addition to the elementary school visit, the month-long celebration included a digital display of African-American inventors, educators, scientists and politicians; “Soul Food Tuesdays” in the cafeteria; free screenings of “Selma,” “12 Years a Slave” and “Birth of a Nation”; and open mic sessions for poetry, song and spoken word.

A culminating event included musical selections, a display of Negro League baseball jerseys and memorabilia, a buffet lunch and several speakers, including alumnus Ajahnique Dandy, who was a 2016 New Century Scholar after achieving the state’s top score in the All-USA Community College Academic Team competition, and Valencia “Lynn” Beaty, the college’s vice president for human resources.

R.J. Chandler Sr. and the Terry Campus Black History Month Committee arranged and organized the array of celebratory programs and events.