Dover councilman Brian Lewis wishes residents all the best in 2018.

As we enter into the new year, I would like to extend my very best wishes for prosperity and well-being to all the citizens of Dover. I humbly look forward to 2018, so I may continue my work through addressing the needs of my constituents along with helping and supporting a few non-profit groups. The non-profit groups make a big difference in the everyday lives of our children and residence by providing resourceful services.

It is my intention to continue with my personal responsibility in serving the publics best interest and to represent my constituents with the highest regard. I will continue to ask questions and relay the information back to the people whether through the news media or social media. Transparency is a must! I am a firm believer that good government comes from disclosing all information and facts.

As we embark upon another year, there are matters of crime, homelessness, racial strife, decaying infrastructure and the improving of economic development to list a few. I express hopes that in the coming year my colleagues on the City Council along with other local leaders will be able to find ways towards closer cooperation and will be able to find a basis for concerted actions and efforts for the good of all citizens.

The residence of Dover must continue to hold their local elected officials accountable in tackling the serious challenges that lie head

Let us all reflect on where the last year has brought us and where we can hope the next year will take us.

Remember God is our only greatest asset and deepest hope in the new year.

Wishing all of you blessings, peace, good health and happiness for 2018!

Brian E. Lewis