The Delaware State Police Troop 3, in partnership with the Caesar Rodney School District, kicked off its new pilot program called STaRS — State Troopers actively Reaching Students — on Jan. 3 at Allen Frear Elementary School located in Camden.

A collaboration of troopers from various units and Delaware State Police Troop 3’s Commander, Capt. Joshua Bushweller, were included. The program was an opportunity for troopers to engage in positive conversations with students during their lunchtime.

The students were receptive in speaking with the troopers, and it provided them the opportunity to forge lasting relationships with the Law Enforcement community.

“The STaRS program is a wonderful opportunity for our troopers to reach elementary aged students in nontraditional law enforcement means. The program is aimed to foster an inclusive environment that builds a better understanding of what law enforcement officers do, while also strengthening the trust of the police. We accomplish this by uniformed troopers engaging in normal casual conversation and enjoying lunch with the kids,” said Bushweller.

Troopers from Troop 3 will visit two elementary schools per week within the Caesar Rodney School District during the students’ lunchtime. The goal of the program is to strengthen partnerships between law enforcement and school districts throughout the state.