Milford brothers will give a taste of their silly Christmas variety show in Milton

“The Rescignos: I’ll Be Home for Christmas” is a variety show offering that warm, fuzzy, holiday feeling - with a slightly dysfunctional twist. 

Featuring original music from Mike Hadge, the program was created by and stars twin brothers Paul and Robbie Rescigno, who grew up in Milford, and aren’t shy to go at it like a melodic version of Cain and Abel.

“The Rescignos” and all of the program’s amusing drama is headed for the Milton Theatre Saturday.

The twins’ acting credits include joint appearances on “Black Box” (ABC) and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (Netflix). Paul Rescigno worked on “Late Night with David Letterman.”

Graduates of Milford High School’s Class of 2002, the pair has since relocated to their birth state of New York, where they graduated from Syracuse University.

The Rescignos talked about marching cats, their silly Delaware song and how the sitcom “Frasier” fits into their holiday plans.

What are the origins of your “Delaware National Anthem?”

Robbie: The germ of the idea came out of a different song. Mike, Paul and I weren’t wild about it. Then Mike came back with this one and it was just so absurd we couldn’t stop laughing. That first time we did it, it was such a big hit. 

The real treat was we did a two-week run off-Broadway in 2012, and there was one performance toward the end of the run where basically it felt like the entire state of Delaware had come up on one bus to come see us. The place was packed with Delawareans. When we got to that number, which I think was in the middle of the show, it just brought the place down.

How would you describe your variety show?

Robbie: A comedy that involves my brother and I standing on stage bickering for an hour and singing funny songs. In the case of the holiday, we’ll have an ensemble of actors who will back us up. It gives us the ability to do group numbers. 

Paul: Most of the songs are original. But for the holiday show, we do one or two standards.

How did the holiday show come about?

Robbie: Last year we performed at the Milton Theater over the summer and Fred Munzert, the guy who runs [programming at the Milton Theatre] said, “Do you ever do a holiday or Christmas show?” And we said, “Yeah, we do one every year.”

He said, “Would you be interested in bringing it down here?” We were like, “Yeah, if we can hammer out the logistics,” because we do our holiday shows, like I said, with an ensemble and there’s just a lot more moving parts. Getting all of these people together in one place is a little bit like getting cats to march in a parade.

What Christmas traditions do you have?

Robbie: My brother and I, my sister and her family will go to my parents’ house in Milford on Christmas Eve, and we’ll make homemade hot-fudge sundaes. We’ve been doing that since we were kids. We make everything from scratch: the ice cream, the hot fudge, the whipped cream. Then we’ll watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Then usually everyone goes to bed. Paul and I will stay up with my sister and brother-in-law and we’ll watch the Christmas episodes of “Frasier.” That’s very on-brand for us.