The city of Dover received a $2,000 Livable Communities Grant from AARP in support of the bike route that is set to be completed by the summer 2018.

“We had many areas of the bike path completed throughout Dover, yet we had a few sections that needed to be tied in, in order to make it a safe and complete bike route,” said Eddie Diaz, a planner for the city of Dover.

After funding and incorporating the sections, Diaz applied for the grant to aid in signage so individuals who use these routes will know that the route is going to be completed. The two components were at the North Street and Saulsbury Road intersection and the other is the building of the West Street portion of the trail. This will aid in connecting neighborhood communities throughout our city making it safer for bicyclists to commute.

The bike path will be completed by summer 2018 when the city, along with AARP, will do a bike ride with community members. Increased bicycling levels along with increased quality and quantity of bicycle facilities will benefit a community by providing those unable to drive or without access to a car more independence.

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