Nov. 15 is America Recycles Day and Delaware celebrate the state’s 44.5 percent recycling diversion rate — 10 percent higher than the national average – for keeping recyclable materials out of landfills.

The diversion rate has almost doubled since 2006, when the Recycling Public Advisory Council, Delaware Solid Waste Authority and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control started calculating recycling rates in Delaware.

The increase in recycling throughout the state is due to advances in policy and participation — and it was achieved through a single-stream recycling plan. Delaware’s Universal Recycling Program maximizes recycling benefits. The system also provides universal recycling services that are cost-effective and convenient and that promote jobs and economic growth.

To further recycling in the state, Delawareans are encouraged to:

— Purchase items with post-consumer recycled content such as paper products, electronics, promotional materials and other consumer goods.

— Compost food waste for a boost to your lawn or garden by following DNREC’s backyard composting guide which makes it easy to get started.

— Become a recycling leader at work. DNREC offers the “How to Recycle Guide” and posters, free waste and recycling assessments and recommendations on starting or expanding recycling programs.

For more, visit or call 739-9403, ext. 4.