Delmarva Power recently requested Delaware Public Service Commission approval to implement an electric vehicle program focused on providing customers with reduced electric rates, credits, rebates and other incentives toward purchasing and operating electric vehicles.

The program is the latest in a series of efforts by Delmarva Power to advance the future of energy service for customers across Delaware.

Delmarva Power’s proposal outlines a voluntary program of several key offerings for Delaware customers:

— Residential customers with electric vehicles can save money by charging their vehicles during off-peak hours.

— Customers can receive a $50 installation credit and a $5 monthly credit by installing a device, that when plugged into the customer’s electric vehicle charger, can provide important usage information that can help customers make more informed decisions about vehicle charging.

— Residential customers can receive 50 percent off the equipment and installation costs for a Level II smart charging station at their home, and commercial customers who own or operate condominium/apartment complexes with garage parking can receive Level II smart charging stations at 50 percent off the equipment costs.

— Delmarva Power will install and manage two Direct Current Fast Chargers in main transportation corridor sites and two Level II chargers in selected neighborhoods within the company’s Delaware service territory.

Earlier in October, Delmarva Power hosted more than 85 Delaware officials, advocates and others at the company’s New Technology Symposium, Energizing Our Future, an event that displayed some of the company’s projects, programs and initiatives, including efforts to advance electric vehicle technology in Delaware. The event provided Delmarva Power an opportunity to showcase the company’s ongoing efforts to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy service and new energy options for Delaware customers.

Delmarva Power will begin offering the programs within two months after PSC approval.

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