Beebe Healthcare’s Emergency Management Department, Trauma Department and Emergency Department will conduct a mass casualty exercise with partner emergency services agencies from 3 to 5 p.m. Sept. 26 at Beebe Healthcare, 424 Savannah Road, Lewes, near the Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing located behind the hospital.

Launched in October 2015 by the White House, Stop the Bleed is a national awareness campaign and a call to action, intended to cultivate grassroots efforts that encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.

In the Sept. 26 drill scenario, an accidental gas explosion at Beebe Healthcare’s Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing will occur, resulting in injuries to the students and faculty — not a terrorism incident. Injuries result in minor injuries to major injuries including amputations and severe lacerations with large loss of blood.

The goals and objective of this exercise are to promote the campaign and teach people about the campaign and how to use the techniques for stopping bleeding and applying a tourniquet; familiarize the emergency department staff with blast injuries and injuries that would require tourniquet application for the trauma patients; teach hospital staff for two weeks around the exercise about Stop the Bleed; partner with outside agencies on the campaign; and evaluate the Command Center role in an on-site event.

Other organizations participating in the drill include Sussex County Paramedics, Cape Henlopen Junior ROTC cadets and Lewes Fire & Emergency Medical Services.

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