Harrington Raceway and Casino, in conjunction with USO Delaware, hosted a donation drive Sept. 1-2 that netted nearly $20,000 in cash and gift card donations to benefit Hurricane Harvey victims located in Texas and Louisiana.

Customers and employees participated by giving cash and/or $10 minimum in gift cards from Walmart/Sam’s Club, Target, Costco and/or Visa/Mastercard. Staff would ring the bell whenever a donation larger than $10 was received. The donated items will be distributed by USO Delaware for supplies needed to first responders and current military and National Guard stationed in Texas and Louisiana to flood victims of the hurricane. Proceeds will go to USO Delaware for distribution in the disaster areas.

“It was great to work with the casino and help the people of Texas,” said USO Delaware Center Operations and Program Manager Yolanda Bottorf. “I’m from Texas and have friends that live there so that really helped to make it special. It’s great to see people in Delaware work together for this cause even though we are far away from the disaster area.”

“It’s terrific to work with USO Delaware to be able to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey,” said Harrington Raceway and Casino CEO Patricia Key. “We were delighted to see the support from the community and our employees who rallied together for this great cause.”