The Salvation Army has activated its U.S. and Canadian emergency disaster response assets.

Salvation Army officers from Delaware are being deployed to Texas with a round of volunteers following in two weeks to provide food, shelter and emotional and spiritual care to those impacted by this ongoing devastating weather event.

The Salvation Army is procuring and staging truckloads of food boxes, clean-up kits, comfort kits and other bulk distribution items in Dallas until down range facilities are identified; has a national network of trained disaster staff and volunteers and a fleet of more than 500 mobile feeding units that can be deployed; is deploying 42 mobile kitchens and two field kitchens to Texas, each of which can serve an average of 1,500 meals per day; has served about 3,000 meals, snacks and drinks; is serving at emergency shelters throughout Texas, including in Pasadena, Texas, and Houston; and has provided 400 cots to the city of Dallas for emergency shelter.

As communities become accessible, Salvation Army mobile emergency feeding and hydration vehicles and personnel are moving through the affected areas providing food, water and hot drinks, as well as emotional and spiritual support to residents and first responders. This will continue until it is no longer needed.

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