MEGA International appointed Revell Horsey as senior vice president and managing director of the company’s North American business.

Horsey, a native of Dover, will manage MEGA operations in the U.S. and Canada, including strategy and business development, sales, marketing, customer support and consulting.

For nearly 30 years, he provided expertise in financial and operations management to established and startup businesses. Horsey was first a corporate finance specialist on Wall Street, then teamed up with company founders to build innovative businesses that provide disruptive solutions to conventional challenges.

Horsey is a director of Great Elm Capital Corp., an externally managed specialty finance company that trades on the NASDAQ. He is also on the board of CT Next, a public/private partnership established by the Connecticut Legislature to promote start-up business activity in the state. He serves as treasurer and chairman of the Investment Committee of the American Cathedral in Paris Foundation.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in government and French from Dartmouth College.