Newcomer Polce joins veterans Neil and Hare on council beginning May 8

Tanner W. Polce was named winner of the race to represent the city of Dover’s First District in municipal elections held Tuesday, April 18.

Incumbents William F. Hare and Fred A. Neil fended off challengers to retain their Second District and Third District seats.

City Election Board member Anita Boyer read off the results from balloting at the First District polling place at the Elks Lodge on Saulsbury Road. Results from the other districts were brought in and tallied up along with absentee ballots, which were opened earlier in the day.

Here are the results:

First District

William T. Garfinkel                                     132 votes                    25.58 percent

Matthew J. Lindell                                       172 votes                    33.33 percent

Tanner W. Polce                                           212 votes                    41.09 percent

                                                                  516 votes total

Second District

James J. Galvin Jr.                                       160 votes                    32.39 percent

William F. Hare                                             334 votes                   67.61 percent

                                                                   494 votes total

Third District

Lance E. Moffa                                               30 votes                      8.90 percent

Fred A. Neil                                                   280 votes                   83.09 percent

Jane E. Rolfes                                                 27 votes                     8.01 percent

                                                                    337 votes total

Candidates in the First District were running to succeed retiring Councilman James L. Hutchison Sr.

They will take their oaths of office at the Annual City Council meeting Monday, May 8.

Council president and at-large Councilman Tim Slavin and Fourth District Councilman David Anderson ran unopposed.

Another election for the council’s other First District seat will be held in May to replace former Councilman James E. Hosfelt Jr., who was elected to Kent County Levy Court.

Dover attorney Ron Poliquin already has announced his candidacy for that race. Both Garfinkel and Lindell could run against him, although they would have to file new candidate petitions.