The Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife’s shellfish aquaculture program posted an interactive online map that provides site-specific information that helps with selecting shellfish aquaculture lease locations in the Inland Bays.

The map shows areas covered by the recent Statewide Activity Approval issued by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Control’s Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section, which facilitates the expedited processing of shellfish aquaculture lease applications.

The map, which depicts prohibited and seasonally-closed shellfishing areas, allows users to gather information on shellfish aquaculture areas covered by the SAA, including location coordinates and which acres have been sampled and are eligible for leasing based on natural hard clam density. The map also will serve as a tool for identifying shellfish aquaculture acreage as it is leased in the future.

DNREC will initiate leasing of shellfish aquaculture acreage through an initial lottery and begin accepting aquaculture lease applications soon after the scheduled issuance later this month of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ new nationwide permit and regional conditions, which are anticipated to govern shellfish aquaculture in specific areas of the Inland Bays.