The owners of one Sussex County property have been ordered to close its doors, while the owners of an adjacent property have entered into a nuisance abatement agreement with the state.

A request for temporary and permanent nuisance abatement was filed last fall against the owners of homes at 20989 Cubbage Pond Road and 21068 West Mayhew Drive in Lincoln. The complaint stated that the two properties have been the site of illegal drug activity and multiple arrests.

Superior Court Judge Richard Stokes signed a court order to temporarily close the Cubbage Pond Road property, citing it as a criminal nuisance that adversely impacts the community pursuant to the Criminal Nuisance Abatement Act. The order states that the presumptive owners, Carol Nordberg, Debbie Shirey, Mary Shirey Monahan, Shawna Shirey, as well as current tenants, residents, or occupiers of the property must vacate it immediately. Before being able to reopen the house, the owners must adhere to several items in the order, including restricting specific individuals from further contact with the property, cleaning and fixing the property, and retaining a licensed realtor or property manager to be responsible for renting the property. 

The owners of the home at 21068 West Mayhew Drive, Thomas Monahan and Mary Shirey Monahan, have agreed to limit the number of residents and restrict the same list of individuals from the property. The owners must also not allow any firearms or illegal drugs on the property and comply with all health and safety codes.

Deputy Attorneys General Carla Jarosz and Beth Savitz represented the Department of Justice in these hearings, which has been part of the Attorney General Denn’s office's renewed use of the state’s criminal nuisance property statute to deal with problem properties.