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  • Video of the Day: What not to do in a wedding photo

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    An over-enthusiastic wedding guest decided it was a good idea to have a photographer take a picture of him while leaping and attempting a toe touch. An unfortunate bridesmaid and the seam in his pants paid the price.

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    24: Live Another Day” season (and possibly series) finale, (9 p.m. EDT, Fox) - We’re a good 10 or 12 years past they heyday of this series, but those who have stuck with it know “24” is still darned good television. The season finale airing tonight may very well be the swan song for Jack Bauer, and it’s a good bet it goes out with a bang. Very literally, with a bang.
    Best of the Day
    Joss Whedon, at the request of a fan, gives the world what it needs: More “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Call it a self-contained mini-episode, all on a single cocktail napkin.
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