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  • The Talker: It's 2014. Here's your jetpack.

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    A stuntman showed tons of faith in technology recently, testing a jetpack by flying the contraption off the roof of a 45-story building in Denver. Still no word on when we can expect our flying cars.
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    Back before MTV’s programming schedule was packed with overly tanned New Jersey club-hoppers and shows about teen moms, they used to air episodes of an offbeat English comedy from the early ‘80s, titled “The Young Ones.” Those who liked the show REALLY liked it, and it remains a cult favorite to this day. Fans have taken to Twitter, at #TheYoungOnes and #RikMayall to mark the untimely passing of Mayall, who played the poetry-spouting anarchist Rick (who considered himself the popular one in the house).
    Hot Video: Yearbook makes fun of fat students
    General rule of thumb: Never print anything in a yearbook that quotes a junior high student who thinks they have a funny answer to a question like “What does the word ‘Twinkie’ make you think of?”

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