Republican incumbent Don Blakey and Kaplan Test Prep marketing manager Lyndon Yearick will face off in Tuesday’s Republican primary. The contest will be the Blakey’s first primary challenge since he was elected to the 34th District Representative seat in 2006.

The candidate who wins Tuesday’s will face Democratic challenger Ted Yacucci in the Nov. 4 general election.

Q Why are you running for office?

BLAKEY I am running for this office in hopes of rebuilding a majority, or at least a bargaining position, in a one-party state system. I also wish to continue helping many constituents regain better opportunities in education, wage earning and living conditions. I want to continue to make Camden and Wyoming the valued, historic and proud communities of central Delaware. That also includes the Caesar Rodney School District.

YEARICK I’m the conservative Republican candidate. We need strong leaders with the solutions, energy and conviction to make an impact. I know the issues in the state, have the solutions to offer and will present a stronger voice to challenge the direction the state is heading. We cannot continue the pace of how we spend money and the results that the spending produces. We need leaders who can work to install fiscal discipline, accountability, and offer solutions that will grow our economy. We need to reform how the state finances public education. We cannot continue the spending levels with our Medicaid system. We need leaders who can present solutions to the challenges in our healthcare system, mental health treatment and drug abuse in Delaware.

Q How has your background and experience prepared you for this office?

BLAKEY My background in education (31 years) and public policy making as a Levy Court commissioner and state legislator (26 years combined) have given me insight, forecasting ability and team-building capacity that have proven invaluable for getting things done in the shortest amount of time expended. I have go-to people in every level of government service to extract quality and quick solutions to most issues.

YEARICK I’m the most qualified to serve because of my business experience, education and community involvement. I have 20 years of business experience in the housing, energy, banking, health care and education industries. I’ve been an active member of the community with my church, nonprofit boards and coaching youth sports. I was raised on a dairy farm and understand the rewards and challenges of agriculture. I taught in the public school system and understand the challenges in the classroom.

Q What promise are you willing to make to voters if elected?

BLAKEY I promise to continue to put their interests first. That includes continuing to reach out them, to listen to them, to work for them. I also promise to consult with them on major issues before deciding to vote one way or another.

YEARICK I cannot guarantee the outcomes, however I can guarantee my effort. I will be a consistent, conservative voice with my opinions, actions and votes. I will help other, like-minded Republicans get elected, not just talk about it. I will reply to all of the phone calls, letters and emails I receive. My constituents may not always like the answer they receive. However, I will answer all of their questions. For too long, the 34th District has been served with a representative that has been consistently inconsistent with his votes, opinions, participation and constituent follow-up. It’s time for a change.