Central Delaware pet lovers have an opportunity to save money – and obtain a furry friend – this month as a result of the First State Animal Center and SPCA eliminating all adoption fees for older animals under its care.

The free adoption program will run through Aug. 31, although it only applies only to dogs and cats older than six months.

The waiver will cover the $50 fee normally charged for adult cat adoptions and the $125 charged for adult dogs. However, customers still will be charged the $75 fee for adopting kittens and the $175 fee for puppies.

The program applies both to the Camden facility at 32 Shelter Circle and the PetSmart adoption center in Dover.

Kevin Usilton, the executive director of the center, said he approved the fee waiver in an effort to relieve overcrowding in both centers.

“Our sheltering philosophy is that we should be a temporary place for homeless animals and that we should make every effort to get every homeless animal into a forever home,” he said.

The Camden shelter currently is home to about 260 animals, although not all are available for adoption for various reasons, said Lisa Strong Chase, the center’s director of development and public relations.

“We stay pretty full most of the time, but we’ve been running above capacity all summer,” she said. “We decided we had to do something to find these animals a loving home.”

As of Thursday morning, there were 64 cats and 44 dogs available for adoption, although only some would be covered by the fee waiver. As of Thursday, 62 animals had been adopted, most of which received the fee waiver, Chase said.

In all cases, the animals have been sterilized, fitted with a microchip locator and have all required immunizations.

For more information on adopting an animal, visit fsac-spca.org.