A new type of traffic signal soon will be installed in front of the soon-to-open Dover High School.

DelDOT has scheduled informational briefings about the High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk signal, or HAWK, over the next few weeks. Dates and times will be announced.

The HAWK light is a manual signal, first used in Tucson, Arizona, activated when a pedestrian wants to cross a roadway, in this case, Route 8.

The signal will be placed at the intersection with Heatherfield Way, and will be used by students from Cranberry Run, Heatherfield and other subdivisions to safely cross the busy east-west corridor into the city of Dover.

DelDOT decided to install the HAWK because Route 8 does not meet the requirements for a standard red light traffic signal.

Pedestrians will push a button that will first light up a flashing yellow caution signal that turns solid yellow and then switches to red, stopping traffic. A signal will give the pedestrian a countdown showing how long he or she has to get across the road before traffic resumes.   Traffic will then be allowed to proceed and the signal will reset itself until activated again. When the signal is not active, it will be dark to allow traffic to move freely.

A PDF brochure giving more information about the signal is available at http://www.deldot.gov/information/pubs_forms/HAWK/DelDOT_HAWK_Brochure.pdf.