Mallard Pond Park is a six-acre oasis of open, rolling land tucked between a trio of condos on Dover’s west side.

But aside from three dilapidated fire grills, there isn’t much available there in the way of recreational equipment.

That could be about to change, and city residents will help decide how.

The Dover city government and the Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization will hold a public workshop from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday to learn what area residents would like to see in the way of upgrades.

“We’re working to offer neighborhood parks for engaging activities for our families and to improve the community,” said Carolyn Courtney, a spokeswoman for Dover’s parks and recreation department.

While Mallard Pond Park is centered between the Brandywine Court condos, the Fox Hall West addition and the Heatherfield East neighborhood, it is open to all city residents.

The city has budgeted $66,000 for park upgrades, said Ann Marie Townshend, the city’s director of planning and community development.

“We have money we budget every other year for playground installation or replacement,” she said. “This is a nice community park that’s served by a lot of residential areas, but it has nothing in it. This is an opportunity to provide some amenities.”

Parents are encouraged to bring their children, who will be asked to select what types of playground equipment they’d like to use, Courtney said, adding that asking kids directly has worked in the past.

“We did that when replacing equipment at Dover Park, Silver Lake and the playground at Division Street and Kirkwood Avenue,” she said. “It went well.”

In addition to playground equipment, the city is considering building a series of landscaped areas with benches that people can use to enjoy some time outside.

“It will give people the chance to come out, read a book and relax after a day at work,” Courtney said.

Those who come to the workshop also will get a chance to hear about a project that would connect the neighborhoods bordering the park with a trail system that will allow people living just north of Route 8 to access the road.

“This will allow people to safely walk to the new Dover High School,” Townshend said. “Otherwise, the only access to the school is along Kenton Road, and that is not a safe way to get there.”

To learn more about the Mallard Park public workshop, call Courtney at 736-7050.